Imago Pharmaceuticals Approach

  • Imago Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Imago) is a virtual, privately held company developing JNK-directed novel therapies, covered by issued Imago patents, for neurodegenerative diseases; PD, AD, SMA and for fibrotic conditions; IPF & NASH.
  • Imago has self-funded R&D efforts through the revenue obtained as described in the BD Approach section below. 
  • With this revenue; supplemented by funding from Michael J. Fox Foundation, CureSMA and NIA, Imago has advanced the JNK Program up to pre-IND development activities for PD and IPF, as described in R&D Approach. SMA, AD and NASH are also under consideration as follow-on indications.
  • Imago is pursuing funding opportunities to advance the JNK Program into clinical trials. Options being considered include R&D collaborations and Series A Venture funding. For information send email inquiries to

Research & Development Approach:

Business Development Approach: 

  • Preclinical assets purchased from Perrigo/Elan Pharmaceuticals have been sold to fund development of the JNK Program.
  • 513,000 high-throughput compound screening library: Acquired by the DDF Chemco Limited
  • Parkin: Licensed to Michael J. Fox Foundation
  • LRRK2: Partnered with undisclosed biotech
  •  PLK2: Partnered with undisclosed biotech
  • α-Synuclein: Available for partnering or licensing
  • Beta-Secretase and Gamma-Secretase: Available for licensing

For information on licensing opportunities, send email inquiries to